What happens at an appointment?

You will have an assessment of your vision. For children this is with an orthoptist.

Mr Sagoo will take a detailed history of your eye problem and general medical health and then examine the eyes. Examination may involve dilation of the pupil.

If the pupils are dilated, your vision may be blurred for up to a few hours after the examination. It may be more comfortable to wear dark glasses afterwards. While the vision is blurred, driving is not advised.

Further tests may be necessary. Some of these, such as ultrasound of the eye can be done during the appointment. Other tests such as angiography of the eye or OCT scan are performed if necessary. Often photographs of the eye are taken for the records.

Mr Sagoo will discuss the results of your examination and investigations with you, to make a diagnosis and treatment options are then explained. There may be a delay if multiple tests are required.

 What to bring?

Please bring

  • your glasses and/or contact lenses if you wear them.
  • list of medications.
  • copies of any medical records or previous investigation reports.


  • Provider Codes For Insurance Companies

    BUPA: 4476410 | AXA PPP: MS06366
    CIGNA: 131866 | Pru Health: PRU 3598242
    WPA: 920288758 | Standard Life: 4476410

    You do not have to be insured to be seen as a private patient. If you are insured, please obtain an authorisation code from your insurance company before attending the appointment.